WDNR Podcast Episode 015


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We discuss the awesome new X-Men: Days of Future Past film, the already cancelled Believe, a few episodes of The 100 and we catch up on this fantastic season of Continuum.


True Blood Season 7 starts Sunday June 22 – Official Trailer

The Strain starts July 13th – Trailers

Doctor Who Season 8 starts this August – Teaser Trailer

Game of Thrones hit yet another new ratings high

Under the Dome has cast Brett Cullen (Person of Interest and Lost) as Don Barbara

Syfy acquired the basic cable rights to Starz’s series Spartacus and will air all episodes starting Thursday, June 26

Mark Pellegrino (Tomorrow People, Supernatural, Being Human, Lost) is already in A&E’s upcoming Carlton Cuse adaptation of The Returned

Neil Jackson will reprise the role in Sleepy Hollow as Abraham “Bram” Von Brunt a.k.a. the Headless Horseman. House of Cards’ Sakina Jaffrey will be the new sheriff in Sleepy Hollow. Also joining the cast will be One Tree Hill’s Matt Barr; he’ll play a bounty hunter who teams up with Abbie and Ichabod for a case.

Catherine Dent (The Shield) has joined the cast of AMC’s new pilot Galyntine. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, the drama follows a small group of survivors who are forced to adapt to the challenges of their new technology-free world.

Netflix has cast Charlie Cox (Owen from Boardwalk Empire) for the title role in its upcoming Daredevil television series

The CW’s The Flash has cast John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen’s father, he played the 1990’s version of The Flash

Syfy renewed import of Bitten for Season 2

Hulu Might Revive Community for Season 6